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"Popular Lady" 1943

A photograph of a woman wearing a sash that says "Popular Lady 1943" on it.

"Ukrainian Word" Newspaper Article about the AUUC Women's Branch

A newspaper article from the "Ukrainian Word" about the AUUC Women's Branch including a photograph of the founding members.

10th AUUC National Convention

A group photograph of the delegates of the AUUC on the occasion of their 10th Annual Convention in 1938. Taken at the Ukrainian Labour Temple in Vancouver.

1949 Embroidery Display

A display of Ukrainian textiles of various types hanging from a display labeled "Ukraine". All textiles are hand embroidered with intricate patterns.

60th Anniversary of Ukrainian Canadians in Canada 1951

A gathering of performers in Winnipeg at the 60th Anniversary concert celebrating Ukrainian Canadians in Canada. They stand underneath a banner that reads "60 Years - Ukrainians in Canada".

A Brief History of the AUUC School of Dancing

Information regarding the AUUC School of Dancing, now called the Dovbush School of Ukrainian Dance, from its inception in the 20's to present day.

A Brief History of the Vancouver Folk Orchestra

The history of the Vancouver Folk Orchestra and its historical precursors.

A History of the AUUC in Vancouver since 1918

A historical biography of the Vancouver AUUC written for the occasion of the AUUC's 80th Anniversary. Written by Anna Moysiuk.

A. Kovalik

A black-and-white headshot of AUUC member A. Kovalik.

Alex and Victor

A photograph of two men (Alex and Victor) sitting together at the Ukrainian Hall.