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AUUC Mixed Choir

A group photograph of the AUUC Mixed Choir with director John Niechoda on the stage of the AUUC Vancouver Hall. They stand in two rows with the women in front, men in the back, and John Niechoda in the centre. All members wear traditional Ukrainian…

Rusalka Female Choir Performance 1985

A photograph of the Rusalka Female Choir with Director John Niechoda performing at a concert at the Vancouver Ukrainian Hall. The women wear traditional Ukrainian costumes with white embroidered blouses, black skirts, and red sashes.

Vancouver Orchestra 70th Anniversary Concert

A photograph of the Vancouver Folk Orchestra performing at the Vancouver Ukrainian Hall at a concert celebrating their 70th Anniversary.

Visitors from Ukraine

A series of photographs of a group of visitors/performers from Ukraine. The photographs depict the visitors out and about in Vancouver as well as performing in various capacities - including singing or playing instruments.

AUUC Vancouver Picnic/Concert

A series of photos depicting a picnic held in the empty lot next door to the Vancouver Ukrainian Hall, in the lot where Lesya Ukrainka Manor now stands. Some photos depict a mini-concert held by the School of Dance while the audience watches.

Vancouver Ukrainian Cultural Centre 1982

A photograph of the Ukrainian Hall on 805 East Pender Street. The photograph is taken from across the street on East Pender, and depicts the front and side of the Hall.

Alice Chitrenky and Sylka Olkovich

Sylka Olkovich and Alice Chitrenky dancing at an event at the Ukrainian Hall in Vancouver.

L to R: Alice Chitrenky, Sylka Olkovich

Sylka Olkovich "Cutting the Rug"

A photograph of AUUC member Sylka Olkovich in between tables on the main floor of the Vancouver Hall, dancing.

Event at Ukrainian Cultural Centre

A photograph of a group of people outside the front of the Vancouver Cultural Centre at 805 East Pender, arriving at or leaving from some kind of event being held at the Hall.

Ukrainian Cultural Centre 1982

A photograph of the Ukrainian Cultural Centre taken from East Pender Street facing the front of the building.