Stephen Wynnyk


Stephen Wynnyk


A biography of Stephen Wynnyk, who took active part in the ULFTA for many years of his life.




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Vancouver, BC



Birth Date

October 2, 1892


Zhytomyr, Ukraine

Death Date

September 25, 1984

Biographical Text

Stephen Wynnyk was born in October 2nd, 1892 in the village of Zhytomyr, Buchatsky Rayon, Ternopilska Oblast, Ukraine. In 1924 Stephen immigrated to Canada, arriving in Haney, BC to live on his brother's farm. It was a meager living, so he left the farm and moved to Vancouver where he did odd jobs and lived in the home of Oleksa and Ann Bobb, who introduced him to the activities of the ULFTA. He enjoyed the activities at the Hall and happily walked miles to attend the choir rehearsals and take part in the dramatic productions put on by the organization.

In 1925 Stephen sent for his wife Mykhaylina (Misha), who was at this time living in Fort William, Ontario. Both Stephen and Misha were very talented in the musical field, and their wonderful voices enriched many a concert where they not only sang duets but added their voices to trios and quartets. Both were members of the mixed choir. With their daughter, Olga, they lived comfortably by renting rooms from the apartments in which they lived.

Misha's unexpected death in 1978 took a heavy toll on Stephen's health and he became very ill. His close friend, Anthony Citulsky, looked after Stephen until he had to be hospitalized. Stephen died in a nursing hime in September 25th, 1984.


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