Nick Pishak


Nick Pishak


A biography of Nick Pishak, who joined the ULFTA Building Committee and aided in the erection of the Ukrainian Labour Temple.




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Vancouver, BC



Birth Date

December 15, 1887


Toporivtsyakh, Ukraine

Death Date

October 30, 1974

Biographical Text

Nick Pishak was born in the village of Toporivtsyakh, Horodenkivskiy Rayon, Ivano Frankivska Oblast, Ukraine on December 15th, 1887. In 1905 he immigrate to Canada where he immediately found work on the railroad in Ontario. The work ended in the autumn, so Nick moved to the USA where he worked for three years until the Americans found out that he was there illegally and deported him back to Canada.

Nick then moved to Trail, BC, where he went to work in the smelter. In Trail he met members of the Social-Democratic Party, and he joined in 1912. When the party was disbanded in 1920, part of that group formed a branch of the ULFTA. Nick, with his own money, built a building that he then rented to the ULFTA for ten dollars a month.

In Trail he met and married Mary Haralska, and they moved together to Vancouver in 1928, and Nick got a job in a barber shop. That year the building of the Ukrainian Labour Temple began, and Nick became an active member of the Building Committee. He was a generous contributor to all the organizational campaigns of the ULFTA, serving as secretary of the WBA Vancouver Branch, and attending many of their conventions as well as many others. Although in the last years of his life he had heart trouble, he never gave up but continued to attend every branch meeting and carried out any organizational duties in which he was asked to participate. Nick Pishak died on October 30th, 1974 at the age of 87.


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