Andrew Lucik


Andrew Lucik


A biography of ULFTA member Andrew Lucik.




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Vancouver, BC

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Syniv, Ukraine

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Andrew Lucik was born on the 4th of July, 1904 in the village of Syaniv, Hashankovskiy Rayon, Rovenska Oblast, Ukraine. Andrew immigrated to Canada in 1928, settling in Edmonton, Alberta, where he worked in various occupations as employment was difficult to to find at the time.

In 1938 Andrew moved to Vancouver, where he became a member of the AUUC. He was a longtime secretary of the AUUC and took an active part in all the various happenings of the organization. He was the prompter "Suflyar" at all the plays that took place at the Ukrainian Labour Temple.

Andrew met Jennie Zhomnyaruk, a widow with two daughters, at the Ukrainian Labour Temple and they married in 1952. Together they had another daughter. Both Andrew and Jennie remained active in the AUUC, sending all their daughters to various activities taking place at the Ukrainian Hall. Andrew was ill for some time, although that never stopped him from taking part in the life of the organization. He died on March 29th, 1975.


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