Eva Beketa


Eva Beketa


A biography of AUUC member Eva Beketa.




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Vancouver, BC



Birth Date



Lvivska Oblast region of Ukraine

Death Date

March 6th, 1974

Biographical Text

Eva Beketa, nee Nahaychuk, was born in the Lvivska Oblast region of Ukraine on March 11th, 1901. In May of 1927 Eva immigrated to Canada, and arrived in Edmonton, Alberta, where she found work in a factory. While in Alberta she met and married Klimon Beketa. The two of them lived in Edmonton for a further two years and moved to Vancouver, BC in 1929. Here they were able to buy a home and Klimon was able to find work in a bakery. However, Eva's health began to deteriorate at this time and she was never able to fully recover her good health.

Although Evan was in poor health, she was always friendly and smiling. She loved to sing, and when she was able she took part in the AUUC mixed choir. She attended many events at the Ukrainian Labour Temple. She loved reading and was a longtime reader of the Ukrainian Life and Word newspaper. Eva was looking forward to performing as a part of the Senior Citizens Choir at the Shevchenko concert on March 17th, 1974, but had a fatal heart attack and passed away on March 6th.


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