Annie Popowich


Annie Popowich


A biography of valued ULFTA member Annie Popowich and her contributions to the AUUC.




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Kniazhe, Ukraine

Biographical Text

Annie Popowich known as Popowhichka was born in the village of Kniazhe in the province of Ivano Frankivsk, Ukraine, formerly Stanislaw which was under Polish rule. Annie was introduced to the progressive Ukrainian organization by her husband Peter, who she met upon her arrival in Coleman, Alberta. In 1926 she joined the ULFTA, which later became the AUUC.

In 1929 she moved to Vancouver. This was the beginning of the Dirty Thirties when jobs were hard to come by, but she and her husband were able to pull together and make a home for their family. The comradeship of the people of the AUUC during these trying times formed a lasting bond. When they joined the AUUC in Vancouver, Annie's presence was soon felt and her capabilities were soon recognized. She knew how to organize people and entice them to work towards various causes, and for those reasons she became Chairman of the Women's Branch of the AUUC.

Annie loved live theatre and appeared in some of the live productions at the Hall. She attended concerts and banquets, organized perogy making and andded many sewn and baked goods to the bazaar tables. When the Ukrainian Senior Branch was formed, Annie joined and participated in the Seniors Choir.

Annie took an active part in the various campaigns to collect clothing for the children of Vietnam and Cuba. One of her pet projects was the Canadian Peace Congress. Annie was a humanitarian, always striving to make the world a better place for all.


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