Paraskevia (Parannya) Fedosenko


Paraskevia (Parannya) Fedosenko


A biography of Paraskevia Fedosenko, active member of the AUUC.




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Birth Date



Vilikiy Hlubichok, Ukraine.

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Biographical Text

Paraskevia Fedosenko, nee Hauts (anglicized as Gac) was born in the village of Vilikiy Hlubichok in the Ternopilskaya Oblast region of Ukraine. She arrived in Canada in 1929 and settled in Vernon, BC. In the summer Parannya worked in the gardens of Chinese farmers for 15 to 20 cents an hour. In the winter she cleaned the houses of the wealthy. After she married in 1931 she farmed with her husband in Lavington, BC until she moved to Vernon in 1935. She came to Vancouver in 1937 where she stayed at home to care for her husband and children.

Parannya began attending the Ukrainian Labour Farmer Temple Association in Vernon and became a member in 1933. In Vancouver she continued to be active in the organization and became a member of the Women's Branch. There was a large drama group and Parannya became the wardrobe mistress, sewing costumes and keeping them in order. She became chairman of the Sewing or Embroidery Group that was formed in 1950 and remained so until 1967. Parannya was active in the kitchen during the many banquets and fundraisers held at the Hall. She enjoyed raising money for the various campaigns. She was gifted in embroidery and many a member of the Junior Section learned to cross-stitch at her side. Throughout her lifetime she was very active in all aspects of the AUUC.


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