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Zoya Female Dancers

The Zoya female dancers in traditional Central Ukrainian costumes and headpieces posing in front of a forest backdrop at the Vancouver hall.

Young AUUC Dancers 1977

A photograph of one one the groups of young dancers from the AUUC School of Dance. The nine dancers stand in an alternating boy-girl row on the stage of the Vancouver Ukrainian Hall. All are holding hands in line and all dancers wear traditional…

Yellow Woven Drawstring Bag

A photograph of a woven yellow bag with tasseled drawstrings and an embroidered Ukrainian design.

WWII Commemoration Peace Dove Tapestry Display

A photograph of a tapestry portraying a Peace Dove, created to commemorate the Second World War. The tapestry is on display at the Vancouver Ukrainian Hall.

Women's Groups 40th Anniversary Celebration 1962

A photograph of a banquet held at the Vancouver hall for the 40th anniversary of the AUUC's women's groups. Photo shows guests seated at banquet tables and a banner that reads "We Salute Our Women on Their 40th Anniversary".

Women's Delegation to the Soviet Union 1930

A group photograph depicting the members of the Women's Delegation to the Soviet Union taken in 1930.

Women's Branch Founding Members 1926

A group photograph of the founding members of the AUUC Women's Branch taken in 1926.

Women of the AUUC

A photograph of the women of the AUUC taken at the Vancouver Ukrainian hall.

Woman's Beadwork Ukrainian Shirt

Woman’s shirt in lighter homespun cotton with outstanding, hand done floral beadwork decoration. Machine sewn. It appears to have been reworked to a smaller width without cutting any excess material away. Full length sleeves with a round neckline cut…

Winnipeg Leadership Course

A group photograph of ULFTA members from various branches, inlcluding certain members of the Vancouver Branch, at a leadership course in Winnipeg n 1936.

Notable members: John Chitrenky (3rd row, 5th from the left), Mike Malanchuk (top row, far…