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Alex Karps

A biography of Alex Karps, who took part in Ukrainian culture in Vancouver through the AUUC.

Alice Chitrenky and Sylka Olkovich

Sylka Olkovich and Alice Chitrenky dancing at an event at the Ukrainian Hall in Vancouver.

L to R: Alice Chitrenky, Sylka Olkovich

All Slav Committee 1947

136_allslavcommittee1947 - Copy.jpg
A group photo of the AUUC All Slav Committee taken in 1947.

Andrew Lucik

A biography of ULFTA member Andrew Lucik.

Anna Cibanoff

A headshot of AUUC Vancouver member Anna Cibanoff.

Anna Holyk

A photograph of Anna Holyk in Ukrainian costume. She wears a crown with a star on the front.

Anna Holyk

A biography of Anna Holyk, who was an active member of the ULFTA's Women's Branch, among other committees.

Anna Kowaliuk

A headshot of Anna Kowaliuk.

Anna Lopata Hydro Pass

A photograph of a BC Hydro Pass belonging to AUUC member Anna Lopata. The pass includes Anna's photograph, name, address, an pass ID number and an expiry date.

Anna Popowich

A black-and-white headshot of AUUC member Anna Popowich.