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Katerina Tuchak

A biography of AUUC member Katerina Tuchak, who was active at the Hall alongside her husband, Roy.

Donn Mainer

A biography of Donn Mainer, who was a part of the ULFTA in Alberta and Vancouver.

Rose Bobb

A biography of ULFTA/AUUC member Rose Bobb, who was a part of the Ukrainian community meetings at Clinton Hall before the Pender Hall was built.

Mary Plecas

A short biography of AUUC member Mary Plecas, who took part in the organization for support during the difficult times of the Depression.

Alex Karps

A biography of Alex Karps, who took part in Ukrainian culture in Vancouver through the AUUC.

Bill Skehor

A biography of Bill Skehor, a Pioneer of the AUUC and an integral member of the organization's history.

Lena Skehor

A biography of Lena Skehor, who was an active member and leader in the AUUC.

William Hoshowsky

A biography of ULFTA member William Hoshowsky.

Stefan Fedorak

A biography of AUUC and ULFTA member Stefan Fedorak.

Katherine (Kate) Hoshowsky

A biography of Katherine Hoshowsky, who participated in Ukrainian traditions as a member of the ULFTA.