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A History of the AUUC in Vancouver since 1918

A historical biography of the Vancouver AUUC written for the occasion of the AUUC's 80th Anniversary. Written by Anna Moysiuk.

Joe and Teenie Musij (Musey) & the Musij Family

A biography detailing the life and contributions of Joe and Teenie Musey to the AUUC and the Vancouver Ukrainian Hall. Includes details of other members of the Musij family and their history.

Joe and Teenie's story (reproduced here) was told by…

Sam Arsen Fedosenko

A biography of Sam Arsen Fedosenko, who was an active UFLTA member throughout his life at many branches of the AUUC.

William Chomyn

A biography of William Chomyn, a teacher and musician who contributed his musical skill and his passion to the Vancouver Hall.

Paraskevia (Parannya) Fedosenko

A biography of Paraskevia Fedosenko, active member of the AUUC.

Mary Arrowsmith

A biography of prominent ULFTA member and AUUC Pioneer Mary Arrowsmith.

Joseph and Maria Wakaluk and the Wakaluk Family

A biography of the Wakaluk family, pioneers of the AUUC, and the contributions they made to the organization. This entry focuses specifically on Joseph and Maria Wakaluk.

Jenny Lucik

A biography of teacher and kitchen committee member Jenny Lucik.

Annie Popowich

A biography of valued ULFTA member Annie Popowich and her contributions to the AUUC.

Pauline Kozak

A biography of ULFTA and AUUC member Pauline Kozak.