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Black Ukrainian Embroidered Vest

A heavy woolen black vest with embroidery along the arm holes, down the chest, and along the bottom in green, yellow, orange, and dark red. The interior lining is striped.

Embroidered Ukrainian Apron

A light cotton embroidered apron with three rows of embroidery on the bottom. The embroidery is floral patterned and done in yellow, pink, blue, dark green, and black.

Homespun Embroiderd Woman's Ukrainian Shirt

Homespun woman’s shirt done in crewel and other styles of embroidery with some sequins. It is not cross stitched. Sleeves are heavily embroidered with large stylized flowers. There is some cutwork and crochet at the sleeve ends. There is cut work at…

Homespun Embroidered Woman's Ukrainian V-Neck Shirt

Homespun woman’s shirt liberally decorated with large flowers and leaves in crewel embroidery. Difficult to tell if it is hand or machine embroidered. Square inset sleeves with a V neckline. Finished bottom hem. Was worn by Leone.

Hand-Stitched Woman's Ukrainian Shirt

Woman’s shirt with dense hand stitched embroidery around the neck, shoulder and sleeve, in green, brown, yellow deep red and black. There is 4” of cutwork embroidery at the sleeve ends. Square neckline. Made of thick homespun cotton. Rough bottom…

Ladies with Embroidery Display

A photograph picturing two female AUUC members in embroidered Ukrainian costume. They are holding a sign advertising an Embroidery Display in July.

1949 Embroidery Display

A display of Ukrainian textiles of various types hanging from a display labeled "Ukraine". All textiles are hand embroidered with intricate patterns.

Short-sleeved Floral Patterned Ukrainian Blouse

A short-sleeved white nylon blouse featuring and embroidered and beaded pattern of pink flowers along the front and sleeves.

Short-sleeved Ukrainian Blouse

A photograph of a short-sleeved white nylon blouse with and embroidered and beaded pattern along the front and the sleeves.

Yellow Woven Drawstring Bag

A photograph of a woven yellow bag with tasseled drawstrings and an embroidered Ukrainian design.