Artefact Collection


The AUUC has a sizable collection of artifacts.. Items that have been photographed and cataloged are indicated with an * on the list of holdings below.

1. Woman’s cross stitched blouse; square neck & cuffs; sombre colours
2. Woman’s embroidered and beaded long shirt; unusual stitches & colours were used; stained but a good example of this type of work
3. Man’s highly embroidered shirt with collar & cuffs; some shirts were embroidered by men
4. Woman’s heavy cotton embroidered blouse; unusual design & colours
5. Woman’s embroidered linen shirt
6. Hutzul jacket in felted wool; broad embroidered detail; used as a costume
7. Cross stitched shirt-very large; could be a man’s or a woman’s; Different patterns used making it discordant
8. Embroidered and beaded portion of a long shirt; handkerchief stitch used to join ;sleeves to the body of the shirt. Cutwork at sleeve ends
9. Woman’s linen cross stitched shirt with orange as the dominant colour. Very fine embroidery on the cuffs
10. Woman’s linen cross stitched shirt (bottom cut off), elaborate sleeves; beautiful but colour stained and worn. Very old. Circa 1930’s
11. Woman’s cross stitched blouse; sleeves of only interest
12. Long woman’s shirt; mixed embroidery & beadwork
13. Fine crochet from the Chernevtse region of Ukraine/received from relatives of Jean & Steve Josul & Audrey Moysiuk in the 1990s
14. Cross stitched embroidered dresser scarf cloth; origin unknown
15. Embroidered rushnik with fringed and crocheted end pieces; origin unknown
16. Red & black cross stitched decorative cloth 19”x 19”; created by an AUUC senior; circa 1980-90’s
17. Two Decorative clothes; orange & black cross stitching
a) 18”x18”Linen b) 12”x12” aida cloth
Donated by Mary Blonar 2008
18. Two framed cross stitched pictures of flowers
19. Cross stitched tablecloth 16”x18”; cross stitched by the Senior Women’s club of AUUC; circa 1980s
20. Highly embroidered/old cotton apron; either brought from S.W. Ukraine or done in Canada by someone from that area. Received from AUUC Seniors committee on January 4/04 for the archives
21. Fine embroidery in various styles & in colours, that look rather Nordic, on a fringed, linen apron with cutwork; No tie; Origin Unknown
22. Two fragments of linen cross stitched in orange & green
23. Tie Collection; (4) long ties; Cross stitched on assorted materials; Men often cross stitched their own ties. Worn into the 1980’s
24. Cross stitched ties (7), on cotton or linen with elastic neck piece
25. Wall tapestry; Peace Theme; Received 2002 as a gift from Ukraine
26. A “Horbutka”, (a woollen wrap around skirt worn in SW Ukraine). The wrap was often woven by the villagers themselves. Origin unknown.
27. Velveteen long vest; cross stitched roses with a gold sequined braid. Typically worn for performances.
28. Linen apron; cross stitched and fringed; Origin unknown
29. Woman’s very old shirt; finely cross stitched; embellished with beads. **In Fragile Condition
30. Apron; cross stitched on fine cotton, (possibly sugar sack material); unusual colours; Origin Unknown.
31. Highly embroidered rayon shirt; fine embroidery, including the sleeves.
32. Woman’s shirt; cross stitched on silk; Origin Unknown
33. Woman’s fine linen shirt; cross stitched and with crocheted neck trim & tasselled draw string; Origin Unknown.
34. Boy’s shirt; cross stitched portion is sewn onto a cotton shirt. Often the garment wore out before the embroidery, which took countless house to do, and was re-sewn onto a new garment.
35. Woman’s shirt- cut down from a full length shirt; primarily cross stitched with a most unusual pattern; Origin Unknown
36. Woman’s shirt; homespun linen embroidered with French knots
37. Shoulder Bag; cross stitched on a heavy material
38. Woven wool shoulder bags (2) with tassels; from Ukraine circa 1970s
39. Cross stitched bag on burlap with wooden handles
40. Woman’s linen shirt; cross stitched in a red & black pattern
41. Woman’s blouse; cross stitched on netting with smocking at the neckline; popular in Ukraine in the 1970s
42. Woman’s blouse; embroidered in patches on an unknown material
43. Woman’s nylon shirt; beadwork in reds & greens
44. Woman’s nylon shirt with beadwork
45. Woman’s sleeveless blouse; cross stitched; with fancy edgings sewn on
46. Man’s tie; embroidered on cotton. Very fine work.
47. Sample of embroidery done by the Seniors of the AUUC; circa 1990
48. Man’s cross stitched belt
49. T-shirts specially made to commemorate the 1991 centenary of Ukrainian immigration to Canada
50. Religious embroidered icon scarves/cloths: Wording; “Christ Has Risen”-Easter Celebration
51. Decorative table runner; cross stitched
52. Fragments of embroidery; cross and satin stitched
53. Highly embroidered, long vest in black wool with beaded highlights. Embroidered with thick thread
54. Long, black velveteen vest; embroidered in the satin stich, embellished with sequins
55. Long, black velveteen beaded vest
56. Embroidered picture of Taras Shevchenko on aida cloth;**could be framed
57. Cotton Runner; cross stitched with a fringe
58. Rushnik, (decorative cloth); embroidered with various stitches
59. Poyas; woven cotton; dark red/black/white design (12’x 2”)
60. Velvet cushion Cover with 3-D panseys; tufted applique work
61. Embroidery Sample; Ukrainian designs for boarders
62. Two boy Dolls in Ukrainian Costume
63. Cutwork embroidery on linen
64. Fine crochet from Chernivtsi region of Ukraine
65. Hutsul Bag; leather with brass studs; Origin unknown
66. Estonian girl doll in costume
67. Candle sticks; inlaid wood
68. Woman’s linen blouse; fine embroider; tone on tone in off white
69. Inlaid wooden egg cups
70. Folk Art ceramic wine decanter; signed by artisan
71. Folk Art ceramic condiment pots; signed by artisan
72. Folk Art; ashtray
73. Inlaid Wooden Bracelet
74. Inlaid Wooden cups
75. Folk Art; ceramic plate 5” diameter; decorative
76. Folk Art; Ceramic rooster
77. Folk Art; (2)ceramic shoes
78. Ceramic bandura players
79. Ceramic Lovers
80. Miscellaneous ceramic vessels
81. Painted Lacquered goblets from Mirhorod , Poltava
82. Painted & lacquered container/lid
83. Ceramic pot; not lacquered; may not be Ukrainian
84. Painted curio; lacquered; use unknown
85. Linen Bandana; from the magazine “Soviet Woman”
86. Embroidery Fragments; sleeves; a) silk; red/green/gold designs; b) cotton; flowers/crocheted embellishments
87. Woman’s silk blouse; cross stitched
88. Various Samplers of embroidery; cross stitched patterns
89. Picture; “Girl in Ukrainian costume holding a tambourine”; cross stitched
90. Cross stitched flower motif; (1) on white cotton; (1) on black polished cotton
91. Two satin stitched panels, highly patterned and brightly coloured on cotton; approximately (20”x30”)
92. Shepherd’s woollen shoulder satchels (3); woven patterns one with shoulder strap
93. Woman’s blouse; machine embroidered in Ukraine: white/red & black pattern
94. Woven fringed table scarf; woven; green with multi-coloured patterns; (18”x60”)
95. Three outstanding examples of cross stitched embroidery done by Pearl Fedosenko; circa 1970s
96. Men’s ties (3); cross stitched; probably embroidered by men in Vancouver who wore their creations with great pride
97. Woman’s shirt; beaded & cross stitched on a heavy cotton.
98. Man’s linen shirt,(possibly homespun); fine cross stitching at neck and cuffs, cutwork embroidery down the front and at top & bottom of sleeves; unique button closing
99. Woven cushion covers, (2); circa 1970s
100. Inlaid straw souvenir plate of Kiev

101. Poyas; woven mixed fabrics; most likely from Ukraine; (64” long & 6” wide)
102. Woman’s pink silk blouse with blue cross stitching
103. Nylon runner with a political statement; “together Forever”
104. Cotton tablecloth; cross stitched with pink crocheted edging; Canadian
105. Woman’s blouse in cotton voile with red & black cross stitching
106. Woman’s blouse in cotton with red & black embroidery
107. Woman’s blouse in cotton with red embroidery with a flowered boarder
108. Samples of embroidery; a) cross stitched on aida cloth; red/black; b) mixed embroidery; circa 1970s by AUUC members
109. 1) Woman’s dress kit; natural linen; blue & black cross stitching & cut work embroidery
2) Woman’s dress kit; white linen; blue cross stitching & cutwork embroidery
Made in Ukraine, USSR
110. Hutsul Vest & Skirt; black felted wool; red/yellow & green decorative embroidery with a tassel closure;
From Ukraine, USSR
111. Hutsul Vests (2) children’s; (1) adult; felted black wool; dark orange/ yellow/green decorative embroidery;
From Ukraine, USSR
112. Dresser Scarf; homespun cotton; cross stitch embroidery bright, multi-coloured
113. Doll’s Costume; cotton; cross stitched/ dress & apron & velveteen vest/embroidered flowers
114. Woman’s blouse: cotton; cross stitched cuffs & front; used for choir concerts by Betty Thomas (Chega)
115. Boy and girl Dolls in Ukrainian Costume; donated by Alice Chitrenky **in Banker’s box)
116. Girl Dolls (2) in Ukrainian Costume **(in banker’s box)
117. Apron-highly decorated in cross stitch
118. Velveteen vest-hand embroidered, sequins & gold braid edging
119. Decorated towel ;embroidered in satin stitch with deep crocheted ends and fringes
120. Table centre-square (24” x 24”) made of cotton with orange, green, yellow cross stitching around the edge
121. Woven cushion cover from Kosiv
122. Four (4) aprons-various styles & embroidery
123. Man’s beaded/embroidered tie

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