Mary Nehoda Fonds


The fonds consists of a box of artifacts and photos. Items that have been photographed and cataloged are indicated with an * on the list of holdings below.

1-linen tablecloth (white)
1-linen small square cloth (white)
1-linen square w/handkerchief edging and embroidery (white)
1-linen square w/handkerchief edging & embroidery (white)
1-linen square cloth w/scalloped edge w/ crochet
4-crocheted doilies in various colours
1-wollen kerchief approx. 24 inches square
1-long crochet dresser scarf
1-long ecru, crocheted dresser scarf
6-small, off-white crocheted doilies some with cloth centres
1-fine white “rushnik” w/fringes; one in blues, one in red & black
2-small embroidered cloths w/ pattern woven in, edged with a fringe
1-tea set, tea cloth & 6 cup & saucer cloths
1-white runner w/black and red embroidery & red fringe
1-decorative “rushnik” w/elaborate embroidery in Ukrainian crossstitch
1-decorative “rushnik” w/elaborate embroidery and lace edging
1-blouse (nylon) w/ beaded embroidery; short sleeved
1-blouse (nylon) w/beaded embroidery; short sleeved
1-blouse (voile) w/black & white embroidered edging (Ukrainian cross stitch)
2-colourful aprons from Ukraine (woven pattern)*
1-length of beadwork; 14 inches long*
9-audio cassettes of Ukrainian music
1-sheet of photos of Mary on her 90th Birthday
2-sheets of photos & programme of the memorial held after her death at the Brock Fahrni Pavilion, Vancouver
1-basket of pictures of Mary’s 100th birthday party
2-photos of her memorial in Canora Saskatchewan
1-drawstring bag (yellow) with a woven design*
7-carol & hymn books, (some in Ukrainian, some in English)
1-1966 religious calendar/diary (“Native Land”-English translation) from the Institute of St John; contains pictures of churches, constitution of the masons & other information of interest.

Collection Items

Yellow Woven Drawstring Bag
A photograph of a woven yellow bag with tasseled drawstrings and an embroidered Ukrainian design.

Patterned Beadwork
An image of a 14 inch length of beadwork with a Ukrainian design down the middle.

Orange Ukrainian apron
A photograph of a colourful orange apron with a grey and white design.
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